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Rose Pictures

Felicite Paramentier

Buff Beauty

Pink Promise

Pretty Jessica

Chapeau de Napolean

Angel Face


A Shropshire Lass


Rosemary's Rose


 Zephrin Droughin


General Schabilkine

Barbara Streisand

David Austen Young Lycias 

Doris Day

Enchanted Evening

Everet Double

Frederick Mistral romantica rose

Varigata de Bologna

Golden Celebration 

Honore de Balaz

Johann Strauss romantica rose

Jude the Obscure a David Austin rose

Lady Jane Grey


Souvenir de la Malmasion

Amber Queen

Autumn Sunset


Blueberry Hills


Great Century

Cinco de Mayo

Cramoisi Superieur

Double Delight

First Prize

Mme Alfred Carriere

The Prince

Rosa Mundi

Leonardo DiVinci

Apricot Nectar

Hot Cocoa

Just Joey

Lady Hillingdon Tea


Mr. Lincoln

Abraham Darby

Lady Emma Hamilton

The Shepardess

Lady Caroline Testout 

Henrietta Snow


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The Best Perennial Plants for Cottage Gardens

Choosing the best plants for your style of gtardening takes some time and thought process. If you have an informal garden then perhaps the cottage mix would work well for you,  I like perennials not only because you only have to plant once, but because they put on a magnificient showy display year after year with very little pruning or maintenance.  You get more bang for the buck.The best perennials plants for your particular garden should include a mix of short, medium and tall plants that bloom early, mid season and late season.  I encourage gardeners to plant lots of white perennials to contrast the bold riotous colors from the rest of the perennials.
I have listed a few of my favorites, which does not include the entire range and selection of perennials.   drop me a cmment and let me know your favorites.

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Plan a Cottage garden today and enjoy a spring floral show. Planning a Cottage Garden does not take a lot of work, but will take any inspiration and creativity. A Garden Cottage is whimsical and naturalistic, and it speaks to you, “Come, stroll, stay awhile.”

A good cottage garden plan will incorporate many elements, including a butterfly garden, a small water feature, curved paths, quiet sitting areas, seasonal plants and a herb garden. Cottage Garden’s tend to clutter plants, and they have a burst of color from traditional cottage garden plants, hollyhocks, foxglove, four o’clock, delphiniums, daisies, coneflowers, Echinaceas and last but certainly not least is the lovely roses.

The first steps in planning your cottage gardens are listed below:

1. Make a list of the elements and ideas you want in your cottage garden and draw your cottage garden on paper (it is easier to erase than transplant)  2. Make a list of trees, plants and seasonal plants to buy  3. Garden by thirds, evergreens, de…

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