About Me

I have been called the modern Grandma Moses, Miracle gardener, Girl with the green thumb, among other names.  I think these titles probably stem from the fact that I have loved gardening since I was a young child living and growing up in Alabama, and also due to the fact I have gardened in the worst soil, climate and harsh environments ever.  I think I have been challenged by all the worst conditions a gardener could face, Hard clay in Alabama, Hard clay and harsh climate in Ohio, sandy soil and extreme heat in Mexico, and then but not least the caliche soil and extreme heat of Las Vegas.

I still prevailed and always have delightful lush gardens. This blog is all about encouraging and inspiring you to garden, whatever your circumstances may be. I believe that gardening heals the soul and anyone that spends time in the earth digging will feel immediate benefits connecting with nature.


The Blog

I started this blog to share some of the knowledge I have gained through my success and failures throughout 50 years of gardening. I will share DIY projects, gardening tips, curb appeal tips, container gardens and many more subjects.  I will share with my readers my preferences in garden tools, types of containers, varieties of plants and roses.   I love Cottage Gardens and the free flowing spirit of the plants and design intertwined with cottage gardens, and my blog will inform you how to create and maintain an enchanting garden whether large or small.  I hope you will subscribe and join me in my gardening ventures.

Notable quotes about me

Grandma Moses,
Miracle gardener,
Girl with the green thumb,
Rose Addict


I have had a love affair with roses for 30 years and in my blog you will find more than half of my content dealing with roses.  I have been associated with numerous Rose Societies and even judged in Rose shows. I have grown over 200 different roses.  I am happy to answer any gardening questions and/or questions on rose care and maintenance.

If you have a rose that you do not know the name of, please send me a picture and I will help to the best of my ability.

 I hope you will join me and subscribe so you can enjoy all these wonderful inspirational articles on gardening.  Click on Rose to Subscribe to: Judyscottagegarden

Picture Gallery
Look through the gallery pages to find your inspiration and detailed tutorials. Or check out our most popular projects. Hopefully what you see will inspire to get started with your own garden project. The pictures you will see come from various sources, some I take through my own lens and garden, others come from Pinterest, the internet, friends send pictures, but whatever the source there are hundreds of pictures to captivate you.

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