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Roses for the Southwest Cottage Garden

It is spring in the Las Vegas desert and Roses are at their peak.   The above rose Koko Loco has an unusual coloring and loves the heat.

 The pale pink delicate petals of Eglantine defies the Las Vegas heat and sun.

Fragrant Cloud is a hardy HT that blooms no matter what, this rose is a reliable bloomer in the desert.

All Tea roses love the heat and grow into fine lush bushes. Above is the OGR Francis Dubreuil

Once 'Leonardo de Vinci' gets started there is no stopping this hardy climber.

Neptune HT another hardy bloomer for the heat.

Ramblers find a place in the heat and rise to the occasion.

Queen Elizabeth knows no boundaries and blooms 11  months out of the year.

Veilchenblau another rambler that that shines in the sun and heat.

Mr Lincoln, a favorite for it's large deep red blooms that are long lasting on the stem.

A little filtered sunlight helps most roses to thrive  in the Desert sun.