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Winters’ Cheery Cottage Garden Blooms

What I love about livngthe the Southwest is the mild winters and all year long flowers. Though we do have a week or two of below freezing temperatures it doesn’t last too long, and there is always something blooming.  In my little garden shed where I keep the tender plants it is a delight to sit and admire the blooms and suck in the sweet fragrance of stock, petunias and lemon blooms.  Ahh…it beckons an early spring..

Little sprigs of geraniums I pinched off a mother plant and started. They are blooming nicely by the window.

The paper whites I planted a couple of months ago are finally blooming and the smell is so nice, it hits you as you first open the door.  The white stock loves the cooler weather, and I think they prefer being potted as opposed to being in the ground.

Snapdragons add the spot of color needed for the winter plants in the Garden shed. My 10 green pepper plants I dug out of the vegetable garden and potted for the Garden Shed are doing quite nicely and even bearing fr…