Mme. Alfred Carrière a Mighty Climbing Old Garden Rose

There are few white climbing roses to rival ‘Mme. Alfred Carrière’ in performance. It bears large, cupped, creamy white blooms tinged with pink, which have a sweet tea rose fragrance. The mighty climber has virtually no thorns on its pencil thin stalks.  The flowers have a loose, informal shape and depending on your growing zone, it starts blooming anyhere between April to July. The first blush of blooms are magnificient and it continues to flower with great regularity until late in the season. 

This is a healthy, reliable and hardy climber with plentiful foliage. The growth is very vigorous and upright. to 20ft.

The rose was introduced 1875 by Schwartz and classed as a Noisette though the full blooms of this rose are more of a Bourbon or Hybrid Tea in shape. The flowers are intensely fragrant, cupped, and double opening and the palest of pinks, then cooling to creamy white. "Madame Alfred" will create a vertical focal point in any garden. It's nearly thornless canes make it a very easy rose to train. I have had flowers from it in January when it was the only plant in the garden to bear a bloom.

Madam Alfred Carriere