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Why Your Garden Needs Hollyhocks

With spring  already firmly established and seed planting and sowing already started, I thought this would be the perfect time to  extol the virtues of the Hollyhock. Hollyhocks were a common plant that could be found growing in most any Victorian era garden. Whether you're planning a formal garden reminiscent of the Victorian age, an old fashioned cottage garden, or something completely different I suggest you consider planting some Hollyhocks. Hollyhocks have many positive attributes including:

Hollyhocks add a beautiful splash of color and vertical dimension to any border.Spectacular showy blooms Hollyhocks ability to readily reseed themselves allow them to preform like a perennial They are able to to tolerate heat well. If you have a hot sunny spot other plants can't tolerate, try planting some Hollyhocks. Hollyhocks are a favorite of the Hummingbird The Hollyhocks height makes it a great screen for fences and other unsightly garden featuresHollyhocks are a biennial plant, …

The Rambling Rose Worth Growing

This beautiful rambler is named "Veilchenblau" which means "violet-blue" in German is a deep purple crimson, producing large, closely packed clusters of small cupped flowers the buds open to a beautiful and unusual mix of colors. They open dark magenta with a white center and are occasionally streaked white - with an attractive boss of bright yellow stamens. As the blooms age, they turn dark violet, finally fading to lilac-grey. Can appear almost blue on occasions.

A vigorous rambler of typical multiflorous characteristics.  The foliage is light green and the growth almost thornless. There is a fresh, fruity scent, often with rich orange notes. It has a stiff growth, with many strong stems shooting from the base of the plant. A position in a partial shade often creates the richest coloring. Ideal for walls, pillars, and pergolas.

This is a rose that I will always have in my garden, no matter where I live. Whenever I move into a new home the first rose order I send…

The 5 Must Have Plants For Romantics

Gardens and flowers have always inspired    passion,   remember the scene in “A Room with a View”  a magical field of flowers got Lucy a spontaneous kiss from George.  So it is natural that the garden would become populated with romantic little characters who would enhance matters of the heart. What could be more romantic than being caressed on the forehead by “kiss me over the garden gate”. Think of all the bouquets carried to the altar in a hand that will soon gain a ring. Not surprisingly, many folklore rich plants with deep roots have earned lusty names. Some denote yearning: love-ache; and bleeding heart; while some suggest disappointment: cast me down; love lies bleeding. But most of all, flowers capture the sheer rapture of infatuation and Forget Me Not's                                                    all that follows: come and cuddle me; kiss me quick and go; say it all.  Next time you go into the garden with a special someone there just might be a happy ending for …

5 Steps to the Perfect Garden Party

The Perfect Garden need not be a tedious affair, it can be as simple as baking some scones and prepping the blooming garden.  My Garden party consisted of inviting the right people, having the roses blooming and finishing all my yard art and installing in the garden.  I have listed my 5 steps to a perfect spring garden party and it works for me every time.

Step 1.  Enlist the help of 2 very good friends or family member s to help with the palns and preparation.  Planning even a small party can be daunting, you would be surprised how easy a party can be when you enlist the help of two more people.  When I plan a party I always ask my daughter in law, she has so many good ideas and she helps prepare the food and stays to clean up afterwards, this is very important.
Step two is to invite your special friends who enjoy and appreciate flowers, gardens and of course the Holy Sanction of "Tea Time"

Step three is to prep the garden for the maximum bloom time and install all your new…