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The 5 Best Flowering Ground Covers

The term “ground cover” often conjures up      visions of boring patches of plain green foliage—adequate for simply filling space but hardly satisfying for the color-craving gardener. Fortunately, numerous spreading perennials do an equally good job protecting the soil and crowding out weeds while producing a bounty of beautiful blooms. Mass plantings of these easy-care perennials are great for new gardens because just a few can fill plenty of space, easing the strain on your budget. In established landscapes, linking individual shrubs into larger beds with flowering ground covers dramatically cuts down on tedious mowing and trimming chores.
The best ground covers for smaller spaces are those that have a long season of bloom but typically need light trimming or deadheading after the first flush to keep the flowers coming. Keeping these plants in manageable patches simplifies this modicum of maintenance because you can reach all of the plants from outside the bed. To fill a large sp…

Garden Benefits Using Eco Friendly Greywater

Did you know you can grow a beautiful garden even living in a desert like Las Vegas. Some households can cut their water bills almost in half by irrigating with greywater. That is a huge benefit.  Now that large sections of the country are facing historic drought conditions — and the possibility that these droughts are the new normal — it especially doesn’t make sense to send usable water down the drain. You are probably irrigating your yard with drinking water, but do your plants need drinking water? It turns out that most plants are perfectly happy with gently used water from showers, bathtubs, laundry and sinks — or greywater.  Most households use about half its water indoors and the other half outside for irrigation.  You can recapture that water and use it again. There are other benefits to greywater, too. It reduces a home’s carbon footprint, since moving and treating water consumes a tremendous amount of power. It protects the aquatic ecosystems from whence your water comes. It…

How to Build Your Own Birdhouse

Spring is definitely here and the birds have arrived.  Spring gives me the impetus to create new things and the first  item on my list was a new birdhouse for my feathered friends.  Now mind you I am not a wood craftsman, but I saw some birdhouses online that I liked and so I thought I could copy them.  Let’s just say, there are so many mistakes in this birdhouse, it might be condemned by the Board of Birdhouse Housing Authority.  The finished product though looked good enough that my husband conceded to hang it on the post for me.  I have posted pictures of the steps I took (of course leaving out the mistakes) and maybe this will inspire you to build your own birdhouse this spring.

I had all the scrap particle board and plywood, so all I had to do is come up with a plan to build.

My husband just could not resist taking a picture of me endeavoring to start my new Birdhouse.

I went BIG, so now it is a Bird Condo.

Three house and three colors

Finished product now hanging on my post.


7 Must Have Easy Seeds to Start

This is the year to finally break out of your rut and quit buying ho-hum plants at the nursery and start your own simple and easy seeds or rare and exotic seeds.  Online seed outlets are plentifull and abound with a plethora of seed choices.  I am listening my plants I have in my garden started from seeds.  If I can do it in Hot dry Las Vegas I am positive you can do it too. If you have a windowsill you can start seeds. Hollyhock.  From double to single flowering plants, hollyhock is back in fashion.  It is easy to start from seed and, once established, will self sow for years. I grow double hollyhocks just for the sheer pleasure of watching it unfurl into a beautiful rose-like blossom.  The single blooms are better pollinators for bees. Sow seed indoors or outdoors in a hotbed or greenhouse, start in small pots, press into soil and lightly cover. Hollyhocks can also be sown directly into your garden although it will take longer for it to bloom. Burgundy blanket flower loves full sun …

The Perfect Birdhouse What Will You Choose?

March is here, the birds are coming home and it’s time to spring for a new birdhouse to welcome them back home. Birds enhance your garden immeasurably, just sitting outside and listening to them sing will lift your spirits and drag you out of the long winter doldrums. Buy a birdhouse and put it out where birds can use it for nesting or for winter shelter and spring mating. Once you have a successful birdhouse, you can do some science yourself by observing the birds that use it. You can see what kinds of things they use to make the nest, how many eggs they lay and how long it takes them to hatch, what they feed their young, all kinds of things. Of course you have to be careful not to disturb the birds too much or they will leave the nest.

Vintage Bluebird Bird House   Sturdy, quality wood construction that creates a weathered, whimsical look. Accessories $199.95 

Our fully functional all-wood Birdhouse with Bunting features durable exterior paint, removable back wall, drainage, vent…