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How to Snazzy Your Spring Containers

Colorful Spring container plantings celebrate the start of the gardening season. Music to our ears, eh?  The ground may still be too cold in some areas to plant, but you can always throw some spring flowers in a container and snazz up your walkway or porch. It will definitely warm your heart and soul to see something blooming after a long cold winter.I will share a few good container tips and pictures to get you off and running to the nearest  gardening center.

Remember Fragrance
The best container gardens don't just look good -- they smell great, too. Incorporate a few fragrant plants into your containers and be sure to site them where you can enjoy them. For example,  dianthus, stock, hyacinth, mini roses, and a few small herbs such as creeping thyme., and don’t forget to place it close to  your sitting area so all can enjoy the fragrance. Prolong the life of your Blooms

Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are bellwethers of spring. Prolong the life of your bulbs by purchasing plants w…

New Roses for Your Spring Garden

As a gardener and blog writer this is the most exciting time of the year. This is the time to start ordering your roses now before they sell out and you can see from the catalogs and online all the new varieties and products.  I get an early preview from Jackson and Perkins and I can see what’s in and what’s out.  They still have some older selections that stay popular year after year, and in my opinion for new selections and superior plants no one beats J&P. 
My favorite color is the deep magenta, and it is definitely on my "roses to buy list" for this year.  I have listed my favorites below.  If you would like to see the entire collection just click on any of the photos or the word roses.
You will not be disappointed in the selection this year, so get your shovel out and start turning over the ground in preparation of your new rose bed and don’t forget the manure!

New 2014 Roses Beautiful Dreamer H. T.                  Crush on You Floribunda        Summer Surprise H. T.


5 Steps to Starting Spring Seeds

Spring is the time to start your seedlings in pots.  Some seeds can be sown directly into the garden, bypassing indoor seed starting and transplanting. Some seeds, however, take several months to mature from seed, so it's just not practical to direct sow them in the garden where the growing season is short. That's why, when it comes to long season plants like tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, most gardeners either start their own plants indoors or purchase seedlings from the nursery.
 Perennial plants, if sown earlier will bloom in the first year. Plant hollyhock seeds now and you will enjoy stately blooms in July.

 For instance, tomatoes would need a 4 or 5 month growing season to mature from seed, which gardeners in warm climates can provide. However, thankfully, they transplant very well and can be grown just about anywhere, if plants are set out instead of seeds. Root crops and vegetables with tap roots generally don't transplant well and need to be direct seeded. …

10 Best Fragrant Roses for Your Garden

'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.'  ~ from Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare There are many different reasons to choose a rose for your garden. You can choose by color, by size, or by growth habit - maybe you're looking for a climber for example.  As for me and my garden I always choose roses for fragrance! The sweet smell of roses in your garden or cut roses in your home feels like a luxury. Some roses have a fragrance some that  have sweeter and stronger fragrances. Not all roses have fragrance and you can't necessarily judge a fragrant rose scent by its color, but here are some general tips to keep in mind while you're choosing a rose to grow in your garden:
Darker roses are usually more fragrant than pale blossoms. Red and pink roses tend to have more of the 'classic rose' floral sent. The more petals on the blossom, the stronger the scent.

 Below I have listed my favorite fragrant roses, plant a few and they will become your favorite also.