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5 Steps to the Perfect Garden Party

The Perfect Garden need not be a tedious affair, it can be as simple as baking some scones and prepping the blooming garden.  My Garden party consisted of inviting the right people, having the roses blooming and finishing all my yard art and installing in the garden.  I have listed my 5 steps to a perfect spring garden party and it works for me every time.



Step 1.  Enlist the help of 2 very good friends or family member s to help with the palns and preparation.  Planning even a small party can be daunting, you would be surprised how easy a party can be when you enlist the help of two more people.  When I plan a party I always ask my daughter in law, she has so many good ideas and she helps prepare the food and stays to clean up afterwards, this is very important.
Step two is to invite your special friends who enjoy and appreciate flowers, gardens and of course the Holy Sanction of "Tea Time"


Step three is to prep the garden for the maximum bloom time and install all your new yard art. Guests seem to really enjoy these special pieces and there is absolutely no substitute for blooming roses and plants.  This is an added element of your garden party that cannot be substituted.


Step Four to your Garden Party is really good "Tea Food" and a good quality tea.  This is essential for any party but for a tea party you should serve traditional scones, petite fours, cucumber sandwiches and a very good quality tea.

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Step Five could be optional, but I think it is a nice touch and that is giving a favor to each guest.  My daughter in law always makes the favors and includes in the bag a special tea bag and an assortments of other goodies.  Guest feel special and honored and this is your thank you for your guest coming to the afternoon garden tea party. 

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DSC02534     DSC02556  DSC02561
DSC02560    DSC02566

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