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7 Must Have Easy Seeds to Start

Echinacea Cone-fections™ Hot PapayaThis is the year to finally break out of your rut and quit buying ho-hum plants at the nursery and start your own simple and easy seeds or rare and exotic seeds.  Online seed outlets are plentifull and abound with a plethora of seed choices.  I am listening my plants I have in my garden started from seeds.  If I can do it in Hot dry Las Vegas I am positive you can do it too. If you have a windowsill you can start seeds.
Hollyhock.  From double to single flowering plants, hollyhock is back in fashion.  It is easy to start from seed and, once established, will self sow for years. I grow double hollyhocks just for the sheer pleasure of watching it unfurl into a beautiful rose-like blossom.  The single blooms are better pollinators for bees. Sow seed indoors or outdoors in a hotbed or greenhouse, start in small pots, press into soil and lightly cover. Hollyhocks can also be sown directly into your garden although it will take longer for it to bloom.
blanket Flower Burgandy
Burgundy blanket flower loves full sun and sandy dry soil.. When I moved to my new house in Las Vegas 2 years ago I started with a blank back yard and needed blooms fast, so I sowed blanket flower directly into the ground and the plant popped out almost over night and this is the third growing season and they are still going strong. Butterflies love this plant.
daylily ruffled
Daylily is not the usual plant you think of when you start to buy seeds, but it is among the easiest to propagate.  Buy seeds online and either direct sow outdoors or start indoors in sterile potting solid, seeds germinate in about two weeks, but it takes about 2 seasons for a daylily to bloom.
Mullein.  Mulleins are either annual,m, biennial or perennial.  You can choose,  propagation is as easy as scattering the seeds outdoors across a prepared bed.. There are new varieties every year, I love the peachy rust tones, but you can also buy violet, yellow and white.  These seeds can be bought online.
pincushion flower
Pincushion.  This is an easy no fuss plant that blooms all summer long. Butterflies love this plant. It is a proven garden performer, Seeds are easy to germinate and can be sown in the fall. The plant grows to 18 inches and is a good border plant.
Foxglove is a gorgeous shade loving evergreen perennial with fat, soft green leaves with sturdy 3 ft. tall summer spikes of pastel blooms.The seeds are easy to start and is a self seeder. The seeds need light to germinate so don’t cover them when sowing.
Poppies. Oriental poppies are so easy to sow all you have to do is throw them in the garden in the fall for a multitude of blooms in the spring.  My favorites are the Opium poppy which blooms on double florets about 2-3 ft. tall.  These poppies come in pastel colors whereas the California poppies are in warmer shades of yellow and orange.

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