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Through the Garden Gate

A Garden Gate welcomes guests into your garden or home. The Garden Gate can either say “Welcome” or “Go Away” depending on how you design and plant around it, also a garden gate is the perfect way to let visitors know what to expect from the garden. Is it romantic? Enchanting garden? A hidden secret garden? 

The right gate tells as much of a story as the flowers inside. Whether it opens into a garden or riotous flowers, or a low key desert garden a beautiful and functional garden gate is a great curb appeal addition to any home.


Gardens are made even better, too, when they're accessible through a gate. Framing a garden  like a giant peephole, offering an element of surprise and excitement. Everybody wants to know what's on the other side of a wall.


When it comes to the look of your gate,
 the options are nearly limitless. Your gate can be simple or ornate, large or small, open or solid, wood or iron. Stone walls and a wildly flowering arch promise a garden that's full of romance and sweetness.


This gate is an entrance into the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It says "whimsy" and 
I love the antique garden implements.

What is lovelier in the picture? The gate? Or the beautiful riotous flowers?

This gate definitely suggests mystery garden, and it excites 
You find out what's on the other side. The pink roses are 
a beautiful enticement to enter the gate.


 I love the simplicity and colors of this gate. It is not overly planted so you eye is 
drawn to the design and art of the gate itself.
 Green Gate Image courtesy of

This white shabby chic gate tells a story of a romantic
 English garden behind the gate.

This gate is certainly every one's dream fence and entrance gate.
The flowers beg you to come inside and smell the roses!

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