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My Winter Garden Solace

The winter garden is unique in that it bring you as much joy and satisfaction as a noisy, vibrant summer garden.  The winter garden is subdued, less luxuriant but in its own quiet way can exude beauty, strength and passion.

Who doesn't feel the thrill of the first leaf unfurling it's soft green coat and the excitement of that first bud beginning to bloom. It springs hope eternal within us all.

While the garden chores are minimal in the winter, this gives you the time to take a leisurely stroll through the path and not have to stop every 2 minutes to disbud, or pull a weed here and there. Winter garden strolls are a time to reflect, take a good look at the bare bones of your garden with a keen eye on improving the beds, adding new plants and if the overall look of a bed is not pleasing, this is a good time to rearrange plants and trees without damaging the roots or putting the plant in shock, because it is already in a dormant state.

I took a few pictures of my garden, I hope you enjoy.

Hollyhock seedlings in the bed

The first strawberries on the year, it is January 18th

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This is one of my first rose cuttings taken late last summer
I was trimming Westerland  CL rose and decided to plunk this little
piece in the ground, in the worst caleche soil,right by the block wall. It has certainly surpassed all my expectations.

One of my baby roses

My new baby rose cuttings. I started these in Oct. and put them outside in a raised bed and covered with a Diet Coke Bottle

The first bloom January 18th 

My hardy oregano bush




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Onion bed

Bok Choy

Herb bed with artichoke, rosemary, sage, oregano and a 
rose cutting or two.

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In my unfinished greenhouse I have started
 rose cuttings in pots

Blooming stock in my unfinished greenhouse

My outdoor hotbed

A look at what's growing in the hotbed
this is a row of hollyhocks

My rose cuttings in the hotbed covered with 
whatever I have on hand

A closer look at an established little rose cutting

A close look at the rose under glass

Inside the greenhouse rose cuttings in a
 pot with my Lemon tree

Rose cuttings in pots under plastic

I took nips off my succulent plants, this is I start new plants

Succulents in the make shift greenhouse

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