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7 Rare and Unusual Plants for Your Cottage Garden

Creating a fascinating and vibrant Cottage garden requires a little forethought and a subtle balance of interesting and perpetually blooming plants. To this end a gardener should include some unusual plants that will not only capture the eye, but evoke remarks from your garden visitors.I have suggested below some of my cottage garden favorites, you will not find these in your local nursery, but instead will have to locate seeds, it is definitely worth the time and effort.

1.Crocosmia Common Name: montbretia
Crocosmia is a small genus of flowering plants in the iris family, Iridaceae. It is native to the grasslands of the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa. They can be evergreen or deciduous perennials that grow from basal underground corms. Type: Bulb

When I first saw this plant in Holland I thought it was an orchid, it was so lovely. The first bulbs I bought were “Lucifer” and from 10 bulbs within a few years I had hundreds. This is a striking plant in the garden. It grows to 4 ft. t…

7 Must Have Old Garden Tea Roses

OGR Tea Roses are little know and scarce to find. You will never locate them in a big box store or your local nurseries. Most people have never heard of them. Growing up in the South these roses were very common, but they were passed on by cuttings. When a girl got married she received a cutting from her Mothers tea roses and so on.  Of all the Heirloom (Old Garden Roses) roses, the profuse, graceful scented Tea roses are among my favorites.  Tea roses are not as hardly as their subsequent offspring the Hybrid Tea, (do not like cold weather) but they have plenty of other generous attributes to recommend them. First off, they are wonderfully scented. I could spend a whole afternoon in the rose garden..  Another plus is, they grow fairly fast.They are large, and fully loaded with bloom in the spring. They complement companion plants.
I don’t think a Cottage Garden could be complete without one or two   The Tea roses were introduced from China in the first half of the nineteenth centur…

How to Grow Delicious Plump Raspberries

Raspberries, plucked soft and sweet, are the most delicate of fruits. This makes them perfect for home gardens—you can give them all the tender handling they need and enjoy them at their best.
Raspberries ripen through much of summer and fall. Summer-bearing plants such as 'Boyne' fruit on 2-year old canes. Ever-bearing plants such as 'Heritage' and 'Redwing' can produce both a summer crop (on second-year canes) and a fall crop (on new canes). However, ever-bearers produce their best crops when only allowed to fruit in the fall, as explained in "Pruning and Training."

Best Climate and Site
Raspberries generally grow from Zones 3 to 9, but you'll need to find a cultivar that's appropriate for your climate. In Northern areas, try extra-hardy cultivars such as 'Boyne', 'Nova', and 'Nordic'. In the South, try heat-tolerant 'Dorman Red', 'Bababerry', and 'Southland'.

Find a site with full sun and good ai…

How to Plant Fall Flower Bulbs

Tulips are spring flowers, which means that their bulbs should be planted in autumn. The good news is that planting flower bulbs is fast, easy, and nearly foolproof.
One reason fall bulbs are so beloved of both beginner and master gardeners is that, they are so easy to plant you can concentrate your efforts into the fun part of gardening — design. 
This brings back memories of my trip several years ago with a good friend to the Kuekenhof Gardens in Holland.The design of the tulip beds were so incredibly beautiful and artistic and the color combinations inspiring. I am sharing some of the pictures I took to give you plenty of ideas for design and bulb selections. Sit back and enjoy this arm chair travel today.
Choose plump and firm tulip bulbs. Do not plant a bulb that is soft or shriveled, as it may be rotten or dead inside.Bulbs should be planted as soon as the ground is cool. In most parts of the country, this would be around the time of the first frosts, when evening temperatures ave…