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Top 10 Best Heat Tolerant Roses to Grow

There may be no more beloved and widely grown flower than the rose. In cultivation around the world and over many centuries, its popularity endures. Today's gardeners can enjoy some magnificent selections-roses of great beauty and haunting fragrance, borne on handsome, disease-resistant plants. Here are some of the best of the best. Enjoy!

Double Delight
Though this award-winning multicolored rose has been around for decades, its popularity shows no signs of waning. Everyone adores its distinctive-looking flowers-ruby-red buds unfurl to creamy pink; fully open ones are strawberry red and buttery yellow. The rich, spicy fragrance is a fair match. One bloom per a long, strong stem makes 'Double Delight' an irresistible choice for homegrown bouquets. Botanical Name: Rosa hybrid.Type: Hybrid Tea. Hardiness: Zones 6-9. Bloom Time: All summer. Size: 3 to 4 feet high and 2 to 4 feet wide. Flowers: Unique blend of red, pink and cream. Flower Size: 5 1/2 inches. Light Needs: Full sun.…

How to make compost

Making and using compost is the cornerstone of organic gardening - if you want to 'Grow Your Own', there's no better place to start.

The finished product is rich, dark, crumbly and sweet-smelling. It is made of recycled garden and kitchen waste, and can also include paper products. It is used to feed and condition the soil and in making potting mixes. Around 40 per cent of the average dustbin contents are suitable for home-composting so it helps cut down on landfill too. Making compost is often considered to be complex but all you need to do is provide the right ingredients and let nature do the rest  however, a little know-how will help you make better compost, more efficiently. Where do I make my compost? There are a variety of bins on the market but they are all just a container for the composting process. A bin is not strictly necessary you can just build a heap and cover it over with some polythene or cardboard. However, bins do look neater and are easier to manage. You c…

The Time to Grow Thyme

 Guide to growing and cooking withThyme

Some say that thyme is the spice of life. Actually, it’s more of an herb. What makes this seemingly insignificant plant so important to people? It isn’t expensive or hard to grow, and neither is it hard to find. Yet, for a variety of reasons, many prize this common, basic herb. Nature lovers are stirred by the aromatic scent that floats upward when the plant is touched or stirred. Chefs value its flavor in special recipes. There is nothing quite like a thyme-touched soup or stew on a cold winter day. The legend and lore of this miniscule plant reflects courage in the human spirit and delight to the palate. Thyme is tasty and easy to grow, and it enjoys an exciting history of useful and magical properties.
The Plant History A perennial, thyme has tiny foliage on a many-branched shrub that grows low to the ground. When the blossoms burst out along their stems, a lilac to pink blanket of thyme trails over the nearby landscape. Bright sun warms the pl…

Attract hummingbirds to your flower garden

One of the most exciting visitors that you can spot in your flower garden can oftentimes be the most elusive. Hummingbirds are busy little creatures that are always flitting around in a hurry. These delicate birds are desired by many people in their flower gardens, and with a little planning you can attract hummingbirds with great success.

Hang a hummingbird feeder (20% Off All Hummingbird Feeders! Shop Now with Code WBHB3!) The simplest thing you can do to attract hummingbirds to your yard is to hang a hummingbird feeder. The feeder will provide a constant source of nectar for them to feed on, which is important for keeping them in your yard. The hummingbird feeder should have bright red parts on it because the birds are most attracted to that color. To start encouraging hummingbirds to use the feeders, try hanging them in an area near flowers that attract hummingbirds.

Plant plenty of nectar-producing flowers  (FREE SEEDS)
Planting a flower garden with hummingbirds in mind is the best…

10 Easy, Beautiful Window Boxes for Sun

Create window boxes that add beauty to your home, garage, or shed with these easy plant-by-number ideas. Dress Up a Dormer

Window boxes are the perfect way to make dormers look extra special. Create lots of season-long interest with a mix of profuse bloomers, such as this verbena, and unusual foliage, such as flowering kale and sedge. That way you can enjoy the beautiful leaves and their distinct textures if the flowers take a break.
A. Sedge  'Variegata') -- 2
B. Kale  'Osaka') -- 2
C. Verbena 'Tuscany Violet with Eye' -- 2
D. Coral bells 'Pewter Moon') -- 2

Go Bold with Foliage

You can't beat coleus for gorgeously colored foliage. This mix of super-saturated leaf colors will give you a great view out -- and give your home wonderful curb appeal -- all summer long. Tip: Coleus also grows well indoors; take cuttings of your favorite varieties before the end of the season and treat them like houseplants so you can enjoy them all year long.

A. Coleus &#…

10 Spectacular Container Gardening Ideas

There is no better way to extend your garden and gardening season than with containers. This is where your imagination can go wild. You can use virtually any pot or container and add a plethora of plants to your hearts desire. This is certainly where a gardeners creativity can soar.  I went online to see what outstanding arrangements I could find and share with my friends, below you will see what I found, I love the fact you have a list of what plants to add to your container so it will make it super easy for you in creating your container garden.  Thank you BHG for sharing.
Tulips, Pansies Foxgloves, & GrassesWhen planning your flowerbeds, buy extra plants for accents. These containers were planted with flowers left over from the borders. Not only do the containers look great, but also they tie back into the colors of the adjacent walk.

Bring on Spring! Combine daffodils with citrus hues and fragrant seasonal blooms for colorful containers that keep on giving. This trio combines fl…