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7 Easy DIY Bird Baths

Easy DIY Bird Baths. Fall is the time of the year when birds become very active in the garden. I love birds in my yard, and I have feeders and bird baths in my cottage garden active all year round to attract my feathered friends. These DIY projects are so cute and simple, and they are great garden decor as well!

When it comes down to it, a bird bath is just a shallow container that holds water sat onto a base. There are so may creative ways to build a bird bat, all you have to d is check Pinterest or goggle it, but hopefully you will find inspiration here from these artful easy birdbath projects.
This a lovely idea, a beautiful bowl just glued to a stick, simple yet beautiful and useful .

I loved this idea, and I have lamps in my attic, I see a DIY project in my future.
You can't get much simpler than this. Check your local Craigslist and pick up an old sink for $5 Mount on a tree post add some shells or nice rocks to the basin and you are finished.

This one is definitely for the front yard

In cold areas, a heated bird bath will bring all the neighborhood birds right to your birdie hot tub. (Check Amazon)

This project is simple and uses just a candle plate from Ikea and 3 dowels or old broom handles. You can also do this project with copper pipe instead of the dowels would be it will age a nice cool verdigris with age!

Before you build your bird bath, keep these tips in mind:
Clean your bird bath every few days, even in the winter.
In cold areas, a heated bird bath will bring all the neighborhood birds right to your birdie hot tub
Place your bird bath where predators such as cats and dogs can’t hide in waiting.



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