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6 Landscaping Curb Appeal Ideas Curb Appeal Ideas.     The front yard is the first thing your neighbors, guests and potential buyers see when they pull up to your driveway.  Fall is a good time to revamp this boring and often overlooked area with these 6 easy  front lawn landscaping ideas to ensure that your home makes the best first impression possible. .   Regardless of the size of your property, budget or d├ęcor taste, you can incorporate simple landscaping ideas for the front of the house into your own yard to dramatically enhance the curb appeal of your home. 


1.       Assess your landscaping and curb appeal. Before your mind gets set on the activities you and your guests will enjoy, how about ensuring your fall landscaping and curb appeal are up to par? Ensure your sidewalks, driveway, patio and backyard hardscape areas are swept free from falling leaves and debris. If you need to power wash your concrete or stone pavers, do this well before guests arrive. Look to your local nursery center for potted planters that can be easily moved around to add color to your outdoor areas.


2.      Find Inspiration.  The best place to begin your front yard overhaul is finding inspiration from online photo galleries, DIY magazines and even by taking a stroll around your own neighborhood to peak into nearby backyards.  Try my Photo gallery, I am sure you will get inspired from these pictures


3.      Container Gardens  The most popular designs in 2013 include new container gardening ideas are at the forefront of landscape innovations as these unique large pots make it possible to grow a variety of fresh produce in a small space. This functional decorative feature will give your front yard a homey rustic look sure to dazzle your arriving guests.



4.      Evening lighting is adequate and welcoming. While the two carriage lights beside your front patio and garage may usually be enough, it doesn’t mean they provide adequate lighting to welcome and entertain guests this fall. Get creative with your outdoor lighting ideas and set an inviting mood for your home. Pathway lighting along the sidewalks and meandering stone walkways is ideal for your backyard or any paths that lead to another area of your outdoor home. Architectural lighting for your home such as wall sconces, pendant lighting at your front door and even lanterns placed on patio tables can ensure your guests will feel safe and warm. Such lighting also creates an ambiance that everyone loves during evening entertaining!


Unique decorative materials and plant varieties.  The latest trends in landscape design no longer require pristine manicured spaces but instead encourage beautiful wild garden areas with features and accent pieces more typical of a larger backyard living space.  Professional outdoor designers agree that the best way to revamp your front yard space is by incorporating the popular ideas we have talked about for how to design a backyard landscape all the way through the property and into your home’s curbside areas.  Keeping a unified decorating scheme throughout all outdoor areas via similar plants and color palettes will give your property a cohesive professional look and also make smaller front yards appear larger.

6.      Garden edging ideas. Landscape edging can give a professionally finished look to your property by creating a unique natural frame to garden beds or outlining existing pathways throughout the front yard. Edging elements also help draw attention to your home exterior and decorative focal points, highlighting the best aspects of your architecture while making your DIY landscaping projects look polished and professional. Edging solutions can be as versatile as your home design and the region you live. Try local rocks for landscaping if you are designing in a desert landscape to give your lawn edging a unique organic feel. The style of your yard will reflect the natural landscape of your area and, best of all, the materials are free if you savage local creek beds or construction sites. Regardless of your property size, budget or region remember to incorporate these popular landscape edging ideas into the design to dramatically enhance curb appeal. 

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