Cozy Cottage Style Perennials

In the Cottage Garden, a foundation of perennials is the backbone of your design. Cottage garden flowers are hardy, fragrant and no fuss. I have grown some unusual ones over the years and have never been disappointed in their year after year performance. 

Now is the perfect time to plant these beauties for an outstanding floral display next spring.  Many online garden companies are having some mighty awesome sales right now, even more incentive to get out in the garden and dig.

Lily Oriental, Stargazer

Gorgeous in the garden; prized as a cut flower.

Even in the colorful, fragrant, enchanted realm of oriental lilies, Stargazer is a stunning standout. Ever popular in the garden, and prized as a cut flower, this gorgeous variety boasts bright crimson blossoms distinctly edged in white and a spangle of pink speckles. This dwarf hybrid's large, richly colored 4-5" blossoms impart deep, sensuous fragrance. Showy beauties add color and contrast to the border or cottage garden and excel in pots. Stargazer naturalizes readily and has 16-18" stems that bloom July to August.

lifecycle: Perennial 
Height: 28-36  inches
Spread: 8-10  inches
Sowing Method: Direct Sow 
Bloom Duration: 12  weeks

 Tradescantia, Blue & Gold

 This vigorous, easy to grow perennial sports vibrant golden foliage with gentian-blue flowers.
Commonly known as a spiderwort, Tradescantia Blue & Gold is a good plant for novice gardeners because it's so easy to grow and the flowers and foliage are so attractive. It grows in many soil types, even wet, boggy sites, but it thrives in moist, well drained soil. Cut back after the first blooms in July and August, and it reblooms come fall!
Fall is upon us and Burpee is celebrating by offering your audience, 10% Off sitewide with code AFFBTEN3 through October 24th at! Fall Gardening - garlic, bulbs, fruit, perennials and more! Extend the home gardening season by planting second season vegetables and flowers, garlic and shallots, as well as Fall planted bulbs and Perennials. lifecycle: Perennial 
Zone: 4-9 
Sun: Full Sun, Part Sun 
Height: 24  inches
Spread: 15-18  inches
Uses: Beds, Borders, Container 
Bloom Season: Spring, Summer 

 Hellebore, Double Fantasy

 Plant Double Fantasy with Kingston Cardinal for a dramatic fool-proof combination.
This delectable niger variety has pure white semi-double blooms embossed with yellow stamens. A profusely flowering clone, it is early to flower and perfect for a winter garden. Pot Size 4"
lifecycle: Perennial 
Zone: 5-9 
Sun: Part Sun 
Height: 10-12  inches
Spread: 10-12  inches
Uses: Beds, Borders, Container 
Bloom Season: Spring 

Echinacea, Paradiso Mix

 Stunning, long-blooming perennial.

Our blend of the full spectrum ofechinacea colors and bloom types brings divine color harmony to the garden. We've included several different species so that you get bursts of pink, purple, wine, yellow, cream and orange. A range of delightful bloom forms, too, some with full upright petals and others displaying spooned or recurved petals. Makes for a carnival of color, ideal as a backdrop for a mass planting of purple petunias or pink vinca.

lifecycle: Perennial 
Zone: 4-9 
Sun: Full Sun 
Height: 24-36  inches
Spread: 18  inches
Uses: Beds, Borders, Cut Flowers 
Sowing Method: Direct Sow/Indoor Sow 
Bloom Season: Summer 

Lychnis, Abbotswood Rose Hybrid

Dazzling MalteseCross beauty thrives in poor soils and both sun and partial shade.
Wow! Brilliant, 2" wide electric-pink blooms jump off the wooly silver gray foliage and transform this old-time cottage garden favorite into a dazzling runway fashion model. Prized for its adaptability to all garden conditions, our Abbotswood Rose is the most versatile Maltese Cross of all. Growing only 18-24" tall, and hardier than other varieties, it will give you years of high-wattage beauty. Thrives in poor soils and both sun and partial shade.
lifecycle: Perennial 
Zone: 4-8 
Sun: Full Sun, Part Sun 
Height: 18-24  inches
Spread: 15-18  inches
Uses: Borders 
Sowing Method: Direct Sow 
Bloom Season: Spring, Summer 


Lavender, Provence Blue

 Dazzling and unique.

Silvery leaves grace tightly branched plants, topped with traditional blue spikes and make compact Provence Blue unique. Loves hot weather and is easy to grow.

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lifecycle: Perennial

Zone: 5-9

Sun: Full Sun

Height: 18-20 inches

Spread: 18-20 inches

Uses: Beds, Borders, Container, Cut Flowers, Dried Flowers

Bloom Season: Spring, Summer Resistant To: Deer, Drought

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