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50 Shades of Purple

What Do Purple Flowers Mean?
Purple is another color that is well-known as a symbol of royalty. Purple flowers can also represent dignity, mystery, success, magic and pride. Overall, this color represents admiration and accomplishment.  It is also my favorite color. Purple also must be the Creators favorite color as there is a plethora of vivid varied purple plants. My Mexican sage is in glorious bloom right now and I don't think I have anything blooming in my garden more resplendid than this one plant. 
I have listed below all the purple plants I could think of and the seasons they bloom in. You will probably think of some I missed.  Enjoy!



Stunning Eco-Friendly Flowers & Plants -!  

  Ageratum                      Bearded Iris
 Water Lily


Azalea       Louisana Iris


Water Lily Sage

 Lavender Impatience

 Lilac  Daisey

  Wisteria      Veronica


Monarda          Statice            
 Matsumoto Pincushion

Passion flower

  Petunia African Violet

      African Daisy                                                                     Allium

   Aster Cornflower

      Bouganvilla                                                           Bellflower


        Ground Geranium                                           Butterfly Plant


       Clematis                                                         Columbine

                         Crown Vetch                                Delphinium                    Echinacea               





Biltmore Estate Dahlia Marble Ball
Biltmore Estate Dahlia Marble Ball: This dahlia's ball-shaped flowers are marbled in purple and white. Grow this one in a patio pot so you can enjoy the flowers up close. Perfect for bouquets

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