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20 Fabulous Porches

Everyone needs a porch. Growing up in Alabama I don’t think I ever saw a house without a porch.
There was the sleep porch, the summer porch, the kitchen porch, the screened in porch, storage porch, front porch, back porch, dog porch, well you get the idea.  But porches have evolved over the years to today where a porch looks and feels as good as your living room, and you find yourself spending more and more time on the porch.

The romantic porch will have a cozy niche for morning coffee 

                           or a swing for afternoon nap  



or a comfy wicker chair for a refreshing glass of sweet tea


Then again some porches even offer a fireplace for a chilly evening sipping a glass of good Merlot.

Wherever your needs or wants are in regard to outdoor living I am sure one of the pictures below is sure to please.

I call this the charming Cottage Porch


                      The Afternoon Dinner Porch                                    The Party Porch
                             The cozy Tea for Two Porch                              Country Charm Porch
This Country Porch is good for Showcasing your antiques
The Sleeping Porch
The good ole fashion Swing Porch
The Plant Porch
The Elongated Porch
                                   The Cat Porch                                       The Company Porch 
                               The Living Room Porch                         The Backyard Porch
The Lovely Sitting Porch
 The hardest part of creating a romantic, cozy unique porch is finding the furniture. One of my favorite online shops is Plow and Hearth. Take a look at some of their products below and click on the site and review all of their unique pieces.
The following hard to find Cottage Garden Furniture is found on

Forest Stewardship Council Certified Eucalyptus Reclining Lounge Chair Best Quality Lounge Chair  

41" x 17" Weather-Resistant Outdoor Classic Swing/Bench Cushion Our porch swings speak of an unhurried way of life.

Prospect Hill Outdoor Resin Wicker Chair Glider Our best-selling, all-weather Prospect Hill Outdoor Resin Wicker Glider Set is ideal for leisurely outdoor..

Prospect Hill Outdoor Resin Wicker Love Seat Glider


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