10 Fabulous Fall Party Ideas

Fall is a great time of year for a garden party with the temperatures cool and crisp with spectacular fall foliage and cool breezes. Decorations for a fall harvest garden party are plentiful this time of year and are relatively inexpensive because everything is in season,  so call your friends and invite them over for a Fall Garden Party.

Grab a few bales of straw, cover them with a blanket or rug, and you’ll have all the seating you need.Fall is such a wonderful time of year to be outdoors with the


Begin by lining your walkway with carved pumpkins - - simple carvings to allow light to flow through the pumpkins looks beautiful lining both sides of your entrance. Gather fallen branches that still have the fall leaves on them and arrange them in pots on either side of the doorway or entrance to your backyard or garden.

 If you have a trellis and can move this to the entrance, decorate the trellis with fall leaves and branches to create a warm, inviting fall canopy as your entrance. Keep the seating and decorations within a fall them by using bales of hay, wooden benches & tables, and wrought iron chairs & tables to create a beautiful fall garden.

Use large pumpkins as serving pieces, vases and holders (clean inside as if you were going to carve the pumpkin but instead allow to dry and then fill with fall flowers or add a large cloth napkin and use it to hold chips, bread or other items. Small wooden buckets are perfect for holding the table wear while plant stands double for holding buckets containing other serving items.

 Use gourds and berry vines to decorate your food table and as centerpieces for other tables. For drinks, fill an old wooden box with ice and place bottles and cans into the ice to keep them cool. Wheelbarrows are wonderful for holding decorations or items for banquet. Place blankets over rocking chairs for those who get chilly and have a nice bonfire to roast hot dogs and make smores.

Hang lights throughout trees to give a soft glow as the sun begins to set. As for your buffet, choose food that guests will enjoy and that are easy to serve, carry and eat outside.

There are no rules for the food and you can be as simple or as creative as you can and your budget will allow.

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