12 DIY Trellis Designs for Privacy

Make your backyard into a private sanctuary with a trellis fence or screen. Here are ideas for creating the perfect backdrop for your patio and garden areas.

Trellis Gate

Set the scene for your garden's visitors the moment they enter with a magnificent trellis and pergola. A grand urn-flanked structure is a perfect introduction to a formal garden.



Private Patio

Outdoor areas take on instant charm when an enclosure is established. This latticework trellis provides an appealing backdrop for a café table and chairs. Without the screening, the setting would seem too exposed and far less inviting.


Screened Work Space

This long sectional trellis creates a useful zone for potting benches and gardening work, giving a staging area for an assortment of potted flowering plants and keeping project clutter and unsightly equipment out of view.


Open Shelter

With its wraparound form and projecting top, this trellis ensemble offers privacy in a delightful and relaxing setting. The sense of shelter is unmistakable, but the space doesn't feel too enclosed. A pair of cushioned chairs is the only invitation necessary.









Trellis Ensemble

Narrow areas don't always mean there's no room to build. Here, an ensemble of three structures--a small-grid trellis, a larger L-shape trellis for privacy, and a gated arbor--all fit in a side yard that's only several feet wide.



Gated Arbor

This nicely proportioned gate-and-arbor duo is set to the side of the home, allowing guests to bypass the front entry and head straight to the backyard. The structure provides virtually the same privacy and security as a fence but is far more charming.



Trellis Fence

The swooping lines of the latticework fenceand arbor seen here reflect the curves in the landscaping, furniture, and decorative stone balls.



Garden Backdrop

Besides providing privacy and creating a smooth transition from one outdoor space to another, trellises can also act as a background or support for plants, such as the shrub roses seen here.



Trellised Deck

A series of large-grid panels cap built-in benches wrapped around the edge of this spectacular deck, creating a private setting perfect for conversation or just relaxing. The deck's position on a steep hillside also ensures more privacy since the rough terrain precludes passersby or neighbors being able to see in.


Curved-Top Trellis

This side yard path offers an unexpected vista--a pair of graceful trellises
 topped with curved rails and flanked by stout posts and finials. The curved tops help alleviate the long, straight lines and make the trellises more significant, transforming a narrow nothing side yard into a pretty vignette.



 Screen Separation
This trellis screen creates a separation between a water garden area and the rest of the yard, letting breezes pass through.

      Backyard Rooms

Carve your landscape into separate areas for conversation, dining, play, and other outdoor activities with trellises. Vine clad lattice fences are a natural option for the walls between rooms, while arbors and gates can serve as doors.

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