Elegant Cottage Garden Tea Party

T he temperature is finally beginning to drop a little and it started me thinking of outdoor gatherings. Cooler weather is an excellent time for tea parties and this is one of my all time favorite  outdoor parties to have.

 In the Cottage garden the flowers and roses begin a glorious re-bloom that makes an outdoor setting both romantic and enchanting.  I have listed below all the tips and suggestions with photos for inspiration for a perfect afternoon tea party.





For me when inviting guests, less is more. Having a few girls over allows for an intimate gathering and gets you get into the quite ambience of an elegant yet casual tea party. Your invites can be formal or casual depending on the setting you have chosen. I personally like the floral garden party theme invites. You can also DIY as there are many templates on the market to choose from.




What would a proper Tea party be without its decorations; I think this is the fun of the party, choosing with doo tads to set on the table and then sprinkle around the yard, it really sets the pace for the party.  I like the little teacup decorations.



 This is where you can go wild. There are so many different styles, with cakes, cupcakes, sandwiches, teacakes; the list goes on and on. I have tried to give you some inspiration with these photos. Let your imagination go wild.




There are many themes and ideas for a tea party. When I was young girl growing up in the South, Bridal tea parties were in vogue, I thought all tea parties or “Teas” were just for the "Bride to Be", serving little petite fours; little did I know until years later, tea parties can be for anyone and any theme.  Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter parties are particularly
popular now and are fun to host.You can choose which type of setting appeals to you, as I have stated before I like the small intimate party but I have given you lots of photos so you can get plenty of ideas for your own tea party setting.
    “Tea for Two”






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