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Why Use Organic Beauty Products?

I love organic products, always have. Maybe it’s because I was reared on a farm and everything we ate came straight from the ground to the table. Even when it came to hair products or facial products it was always something we made from fruits or vegetables. That good foundation has stayed with me through the years. Flash forward 40 years and now I don’t have to mix my own products, there are so many really good “green” or “organic” products on the market now why take the time to do your own. A gardener I think needs these products more than anyone. We are out in the dirt with our hands several hours a day, sure sometimes we use gloves and sometimes not, I use really good organic cleansers for my hands with a follow up moisturizer. Gardeners are out in the sun and need good SPF moisturizer and a good body lotion to protect their skin. And if you forget to wear a sun bonnet, you will have dry damaged hair from the sun, I use John Masters because I love the organic smell and feel of my hair. There are many organic brands on the market but in this blog I list some of my favorite that have worked well for me through the years. If you have a favorite please leave a post in the  comment box.

Why should you use organic beauty products?

Many of today’s beauty products are made up of varying mixtures of synthetically produced chemicals. The skin is the largest organ in your body. Individual ingredients vary in their ability to penetrate the skin, some are absorbed in tiny amounts while some can reach the blood vessels below the skin and be transported around the body. While one product may contain very small amounts of some of these ingredients, it is the cumulative effect of applying various products regularly that causes concern.

Over the past few years there have been certain cosmetic ingredients that have been highlighted in the media due to their links with health scares which has led some people to choosing organic as a safer alternative. In addition people that suffer from sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema or psorias report that organic skin care products work better for them as they contain either tiny amounts of synthetic chemicals, or no synthetic chemicals at all.

Parents are increasingly choosing organic products for their babies and children as their bodies are still developing and are more susceptible to chemicals in non-organic products and more likely to develop allergic reactions to ingredients such as fragrances. Others choose organic products because they eat organic food, and want to continue to support the positive benefits environment that their organic choices make. Many choose organic beauty products simply because they find they work better.

  Facial Cleanser

Green Tea Cleanser Net Wt 4oz (120ml)18Actives Anti-Aging Kit Green Tea Cleanser Net Wt 4oz (120ml)   

      18Actives Anti-Aging Kit  

Facial Scrubs
Fruit Enzyme Micro Scrub (2oz)Fruit Enzyme Micro Scrub (2oz)

Facial Moisturizers

Cucumber & Watercress Organic Daily Face Moisturizer "For centuries, shea nut trees have been harvested for their exotic, rich butters, which offer skin nutritional benefits and intense hydrating. Açai Oil, from the rainforest, protects skin with antioxidants, while Vitamin E and Zinc help heal breakouts, and enzymes in the cucumber refine skin and help keep pores

   Sun Shield Moisturizer SPF 30+ Anti-Aging Peptides      Sun Shield Moisturizer SPF 30+ Anti-Aging Peptides        

Facial Cosmetics

Visit to view the entire line of organic infused cosmetics
Afterglow Cosmetics offers a full line of bismuth oxychloride free color cosmetics. Cruelty Free Cosmetics: Afterglow Cosmetics offers a complete line of cruelty free cosmetics certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Organic Cosmetics: Afterglow Cosmetics offers an entire line of color cosmetics infused with USDA certified organic botanicals.


Mineral Cosmetics: Are your mineral cosmetics making you itch? It’s the bismuth oxychloride!

Eyes Lumirance All Eyes Duo

Lip Care

   Mulberry Lip Tint


  Clean & Fresh Organic Deodorant - Fresh Fig "Even the most sensitive underarms will appreciate this blend of naturally deodorizing cornstarch and vegetable protein, soothing shea and cocoa butters, beeswax and coconut oil that leaves you feeling fresh — all day, every day."

Hair Products

John Masters Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Hair Texturizer John Masters Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Hair Texturizer - This extra-strength hair texturizer is perfect for shaping hair into any desired style, from the "bed-head" look to smooth and silky. Castor oil, glycerin and 5 certified-organic oils add incredible shine and texture. Safe for color-treated hair. • adds amazing texturizer and extra body to hair • leaves hair soft and shiny • helps define curls • excellent for spiky looks • flattens big hair • to add volume, even hours after application.

Logona Free Shampoo & Shower Gel Logona’s free shampoo & shower gel Cleans both hair and skin, without drying, with a gentle combination of very mild, plant-derived cleansing agents plus moisture-retaining vegetable glycerin. Contains no essential oils or herbal extracts whatsoever that can cause a reaction in very sensitive individuals.

Dr. HauschkaNeem Hair Oil Dr. Hauschka’s organic neem hair oil is useful for normal to dry or damaged hair. An intensive hair and scalp treatment. Repairs damaged hair and restore healthy sheen and manageability.

 John Masters Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor John Masters Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor - Linolenic and hyaluronic acids, found in abundance in young hair, are combined with soy & wheat amino acids to renew and reconstruct damaged hair. Honey & hibiscus extracts and 14 other certified-organic extracts and plant oils bring life back to very dry or damaged hair. Select ingredients help improve the health of the scalp. Safe for color-treated hair. • helps to reconstruct the hair with the same acids found in young hair • super intense conditioner Hair Conditioner

John Masters Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner John Masters Lavender Avocado Intensive Conditioner - Lavender and avocado oil are combined with over 10 certified-organic plant extracts and oils to bring intense moisture and vitality to dry hair. Hair is left shiny, soft and luxurious. Wonderful, light lavender scent. Safe for color-treated hair. • intensive conditioning for dry, damaged, color-treated and permed hair • can be used after every shampoo or as a once-weekly treatment, as necessary

Hand Care for Gardeners

Hand Cleanser

Scrub Cleanser

Gardeners Mini Hand Care Set

Scrub Cleanser

Hand Therapy
Age Defying Hand Remedy

Age Defying Hand Remedy

Hand Recovery

Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy

Body Wash

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