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Gardener's Love Free Stuff

Today’s blog is all about free stuff.  .  We all love getting a bargain and especially gardeners.  I have searched the internet to find the best bargains for the beginning gardener as well as the Master  Gardener.




Plants and Seeds - Offers quality plants at great prices.!   At you have a plethora of free plants to choose from when you make a purchase.

1 Free Iris with any order, coupon code, 1399 iris

1 Free Hosta with any order, coupon code, 1390
1 Free Peony with any ordercoupon code,  1401 peony  
1 Free Daylily with any order, code 1400
1 Free Asiatic Lily with any order, code 1402

1 Free Rose with any order, code 1391

They also have a 1 sale site.  This site has some really neat plants for the beginning gardener.

At check out the free stuff section for free seeds, you only pay the shipping.

Need some garden design inspiration?  Check out these free sites.

Design Plans

The Landscape Design Site offers free landscape designs and garden layouts designed and made available for free by professional landscape designer Steve Boulders. Boulders provide everything from small boxed garden designs to swimming pool and driveway designs. Mediterranean Garden design, simple landscape ideas, corner lots, and curb appeal. The Landscape Design site offers a variety of free ideas for your use. Having stumbled upon this site, it will be among the first sites I will turn to in the future for free landscaping designs.

You may have watched HGTV for great landscaping designs, visit their website for more free landscaping designs. The creative teams at HGTV have stopped no less short of their typical genius in creating landscaping ideas. Check out their website for free landscaping designs for even the most difficult areas for which to plan. Asian Gardens, Wooded scapes, hills, small spaces, sun, and shade are just the beginning of the free landscape and design ideas on HGTV is a quaint little site with unique and exquisite garden ideas. Free landscaping designs are available for outdoor entertaining and gardens. This is a photo rich website that will inspire you to get out in the garden right away. Check out Stella's Yard for a unique approach to landscape ideas. Free garden design designs are available for download.

Another site that is dedicated to gardening landscaping is Landscaping Your Own Beautiful Garden. Free landscaping designs, include hundreds of pictures are available from this landscaping site. There are free designs for bridges, garden ornaments, Japanese gardens, flowers, shrubs, trees and more. Homeowners who enjoy creating a beautiful garden focus will love the free landscaping designs available at Landscaping Your Own Beautiful Garden.

But, not everyone has a garden, for some of us it is about curb appeal and the simple beauty of creating a yard in which you can relax and enjoy your surroundings. Free landscaping designs for the front yard can be found at The Landscape Design Site, mentioned above and also at Landscaping  They offer free landscaping ideas, free designs, and free landscaping tips. Just about anything you need to know about landscaping your yard can be found on this site. Their free landscaping designs not only offer front yard designs and curb appeal, but also free backyard landscaping designs, water garden designs, and even landscaping ideas for around the pool.

If you enjoy woodworking, and want to make some interesting projects, don't purchase project plans - get them free online.

At you'll find many very unique projects, too. Make an extension cord holder, a saw blade holder, a plywood carrier, a table saw sled, a miter saw stand or a drill press table. These instructions would cost you plenty at another site, but here, they're free.  If you love wood projects and gardening too, check out their page full of gardening projects like raised flower beds, a garden chair or stool, a trellis, flower cart, yard tool carrier, or a weed eater stand. There are dozens and dozens of free projects just waiting on you to discover them. offers  a website in full detail with information. Yes, you have to sign up for an account, but it is FREE! This website offers any type of landscaping project you can think of from backyard lighting, commercial landscaping, to concrete landscaping. They site gives full "how to" detail on a project that will fit your needs, and budget to boot. 

Check the great prices at

Check the great prices at

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